You could break Ed Sheeran’s talent into about six equal pieces and still have six very talented and successful artists


I often rewatch the John Mayer documentary and get this vast burst of energy within me that reminds me how fucking great the guy is. It’s almost as if my love for him expands to a whole new level I didn’t even know was possible.

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I’m so ready to be in love. I’m so ready to be sick in to my stomach missing somebody. I’m so ready to say goodbye to my girlfriend when she comes to visit me for two days and choke on my tears in the back of the van silently for the first half hour of the ride. I want this. It’s just not my time.

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U know what idk why I even said that idk why I care so much lol u have your opinion and I have mine.

you said that becuz you r 13 year old motherfucker 

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fucking call me baby again and I'll rip your hair out and slit your fingers off. don't fuck with me, little girl. you're probably too fucking ugly to actually post a picture of you or your fugly sister. too fat as well. shouldn't you be in school?

i’m not ugly as you and not the ugly people who don’t put pics of them and i’m not fat and fat people too is not an ugly thing so shut your little mouth motherfucker and your pic is too ugly to be standing here next to my beautiful sister oh you look like a fucking pig or swine whatever with that fake lips XD and you put shades to hide your dirty unattractive face now we’re equal i guess i talked to you just as you talked to me if your dirty ugly face appear on my ask again i’m gunna cut you off

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Alexa Chung copies … literally everyone. Besides she hates being copied lol. Now who’s the original ?

Alexa have some problems she’s tryin’ to be Arabella this time , Eventhough we know that Arabella means beautiful lion and Arielle means God of a lion .

Besides there are two stars in the galaxy named Arielle and Alex mentioned that Arabella is made from outer space so back off gurl and don’t make yourself related to everything your ex did , also it makes you look like a fool stupid teenage girl not even a strong woman as you claim to be.

Did you see Arielle do this eventhough the song is about her ? nah, becuz she’s not childish like you.image

this happened few days ago i think she and alex aren’t together anymore, if they were together why would she say something like that ?

Could this be the most hilariously vacuous celebrity book ever written

‘I’ll give it all a go if they’ll let me. Whenever I try to work out what I want to do or be, I end up thinking of something new I’d like to try,’ she said recently. ‘When I go through immigration in America, I just say that I’m a model — it seems easier than running them through the list.’

Much easier, darling.

lol i end up laughing at this much more than i have to


whatever happened to alexa’s style?? dont get me wrong, i love and worship her style but idk, even if those dresses are “trendy” i just hate the length.. and the shoes!

i actually agree with you , where’s her old rad style ?

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